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Mon, 03 Sep 2018

Save £30 on a range of Michelin Tyres

As one of the most popular choices amongst bike riders, Michelin remains innovators in tyre and rubber manufacturing and you'll be delighted to discover that starting 1st September, riders now have the opportunity to save £30 on a pair of Michelin tyres!

Whether you've thoroughly enjoyed riding season so far and looking to upgrade your current set of treads or just preparing for the colder weather which is just around the corner, this is not an offer to be missed. Available on the following models within the Michelin range, why not book your ride in today and get them fitted by us too.

  • Road 5
  • Road 5 Trail
  • Road 4 GT
  • Road 4 Trail
  • Power RS
  • Anakee 3
  • Anakee Wild
  • Scorcher 11
  • Scorcher 31
  • Scorcher 32
  • Commander II
  • Power Cup Evo
  • Power Cup Slick
  • Power Rain

Just drop us a message here or call us on 0208 841 57 87 for more information or to get booked in.